Who We Are

Cousin Kera has been in the automotive industry for more than 20 years. After working at some of the best and some of the worst dealerships, 2014 was the time to follow her passion, and that passion was to help people.

eFinance Resources was formed with the purpose of finding great deals by representing the customer. There was a need to connect the customer with the right lender for their particular credit situation. One dealership cannot handle every situation and offer the best deal if they do not have the lender and right vehicle. But a network of dealerships and lenders can.

With the support of the lenders that Cousin Kera has worked with for many years and the reputable dealerships that have agreed to service the approved loans provided by eFinance Resources LLC, we can help so many people get back on track, and stay on track with their credit. We offer a full explanation of credit and teach the needed practices to obtain a high credit score. We want to do more than just help people buy a vehicle, we want them to be empowered to buy whatever they want, and to not pay too much while they are doing it. Education is key, and with seminars and community involvement, Cousin Kera is working to be that change, one person at a time.


This is long overdue and it only makes sense to shop with money and stop relying on the dealerships to help you when they are trying to make money from your purchase at the same time. Your time is valuable, and now you can have your approval without spending hours at the dealership or not getting a return phone call because your credit situation was too hard.

  • Honesty/integrity
  • Credit assistance/education
  • Multiple Options for all credit
  • Meet a live person
  • Save time by using email/fax
  • Multiple dealerships and vehicles to choose from


The only way to get a good deal is to understand what it is. Every vehicle is not a good one. Every loan may not be the best loan for you. How would you really know the difference? That's why we are here for you.

Too many people have been taken advantage of at various predatory dealerships, and all they wanted was to buy a reliable vehicle. You can eliminate the risk by having us on your side to guide you through this process and be a voice with the approval to back you up.



I was tired of those buy here-pay here lots, so a friend told me to go see Cousin Kera. Who would of thought I could get a brand new car! You should give her a chance.

L. Smith

She is THE BEST! Cousin Kera makes sure I get a GREAT DEAL every time I purchase a car. If you go to her she will WORK IT OUT!

Miss Pat

Cousin Kera called every person she could to try and help me find a great rate. After I totaled my car, I left with a better vehicle and a better rate. I send all of my friends to her FIRST!


I was in a bad situation, but she refused to accept ANY DEAL or ANY CAR until she found a vehicle with LOW MILES. Thanks, Kera. YOU ROCK!!!


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